Use the beat of the music to free your mind and body and push you to your limits and beyond in this beat ride.

Rachel Tunstall

Our lass Rach is Yorkshire born and bred. When she’s not teachin’ down t’gym you’ll find her on the side of the football pitch, cheering on her 3 golden haired boys.

With over 15 years of experience as a convention presenter and Master Trainer, Rachel is a fixture of fitness in the North and a jack-of-all-formats presenting dance, step, aerobics, conditioning, HIIT and also being the brains behind Bestcycle.

Combining a career as a national fitness manager for one of the UK’s biggest club chains with full timetable of successful community classes, Rach is one fifth of a fitness-and-football family – her husband Jamie also works in the industry and her 3 sons are all heavily into their training, even though they're under 10!