HIIT: CARDIO #14 Gridiron Themed

American football HIIT drills, to get you ready for game day!


Casey Van-Roose

Casey was born to be a Group Fitness Instructor! His mum, a former instructor herself, got him into teaching at a young age, and the talent clearly ran in the family. Casey quickly became a leading Instructor and later a National Trainer for Les Mills. He has a degree in Sports Science and previously worked as the head of Group Fitness for Soho Gyms in London.

And that’s not all…by day, Casey channels his creative flair as a graphics and web designer and is also training to be a software engineer. But don’t let his cool exterior fool you - he is also a sci-fi nerd and even has a tattoo written in Vulcan.

Casey teaches both our SH1FT and L1FT formats and if you’ve done one of his classes you’ll know what we mean when we say you can’t beat that infectious smile!

You can follow Casey on Instagram here