This workout uses resistance equipment from dumbbells to kettlebells to tone and tighten your entire body.

Starting off with a lower body section, we then move to upper and finish with a full body kettlebell blast! 

Bar & Plates OR Dumbbell & Kettlebell

Laura Hoggins

Laura is small, powerful, and totally inspirational! She left her corporate career in sales and marketing after ten years to follow her dream - helping people to prioritise themselves via fitness and nutrition. She set up Lifted ( and never looked back. 

Laura has played Football at Netball at high levels, completed two marathons and 12 Half Marathons and is a brown belt in Judo - she is one lady you don't want to mess with! Laura competes in various CrossFit and Strongman competitions, and is a huge advocate for lifting weights to become leaner, stronger and fitter. 

So who better than Laura to lead a series of our L1FT workouts!

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